Professional Packing


1PRO MOVING & SHIPPING  have a unique way of professional environmental friendly packing system for all kind of items and materials (home or office, Business or residential packing) that would insure a quick and thoroughly packing process that saves our clients time and money and insure the safety of all items especially sensitive articles by using environmental friendly packing materials and labeling- with color coding marking and  numbering system.

We have 3 options of convenient packing services for our customers across B.C.

  • We provide all the packing materials and supplies as well as the labor to pack a home or office from A to Z.
  • We provide the packing supplies which will be at discounted rates and our customers can do the packing by themselves, from moving boxes, tape and packing paper or bauble wrap  to custom packaging and lables.
  • We provide the packing supplies and do partial packing which might need special handling, like China sets, delicate kitchen items and sensitive articles and artwork.

Been in the international moving enables us to provide extraordinary packing services for all types of jobs and to offer cheaper rates for packing supplies.

Check out our packing supplies page for variety of packing supplies and great rates and prices.