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Recommended Practices for choosing the right moving company

If you plan for a local or long distance moving and have to choose a moving company in Vancouver or from the lower mainland moving companies,  You will be offered a wide variety of services at prices that differ from mover to mover, depends on how good the service is:

When you are choosing movers in Vancouver, Lower Mainland movers or B.C Movers , it’s important to find out all you can about the company

  • Will my goods arrive on time, complete and in good condition?
  • What kind of system are the moving companies be using to offer good services.
  • Do a reference check with your local Better Business Bureau or the company reference list.
  • Ask for a free estimate so the company can come over to estimate and give a written quotation.
  • Ask the moving company for a copy of their insurance policy; never hire a company that does not carry a good insurance coverage for your belongings and make sure they are bonded and fully licensed and insured movers.
  • Is the rate reasonable for the service and size of your move, in the relocation industry, Do not hesitate to ask for a free onsite estimate.

( You really get what you pay for)

  • Cheap movers are not always good, as they will offer cheap service.
  • Make arrangements with your local mover as far in advance as possible. Last-minute calls during the busy season may mean spending extra money or not finding a good or reliable movers, However 1 Pro moving always strives to help its customers in the last minutes.
  • If you’re moving into an apartment, reserve the elevator, If you are moving into a house, arrange for street parking if needed.
  • When going for truck rental or van rental, always calculate all the cost involved before renting a truck.

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