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Moving to Vancouver?
1 Pro Movers is here to take care of all the bulky, heavy lifting for you on your move to or from Vancouver. Our reliable, clean-cut, strong movers are ready to get you safely settled into your new home.

According to the latest Google statistics, the average Canadian moves at least 7 – 10 times during their lifespan. The moving day will always be associated with commotion and anxiety. However, here at we believe that it’s entirely possible to make your move go off smoothly, with minimal deal of stress. There are four crucial things you need to do properly: plan, prepare, pack, and hire professional local movers.

Make Your Move Go Well
Over the road, across provinces, around the world.
Allow us to get you there in style.

A reliable moving company Vancouver is your key to the successful relocation. can boast many years of experience in providing moving and storage service in Vancouver and area. We offer residential and business moving services in Vancouver BC, both local and international. We have the whole range of supplies necessary for your relocation (boxes, packing material). Our professional movers can help you pack your valuables and fragile items so that they will travel safely. We guarantee that your belongings will be delivered to your new place of residence fully intact and right on time. Our experienced moving crew will transport your entire household in our clean, tidy, and secure moving vans & trucks.

At we place customer satisfaction above everything else. You are welcome to share your feedback on your recent moving with our company.

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1 Pro benefits:
Friendly and professional crew of movers in Vancouver Area
Short- and long-hauls
1 Pro Moving offers full-service moving in Vancouver from or to the North, West, East, all areas served
Acclaimed overseas movers
Provide you with quality packing materials
Crating of delicate items including fine art and antiques
Complete range of packing services
Container packing, loading and unloading

We are the most careful and reliable Vancouver moving company. Let us take out all the stress out of your problems.