It’s time to simplify moving! (Introducing the slip-cover system)

 December 21, 2016 at 6:42 pm   |     Author:   |     Posted in Blog  

The standard moving process of a House, Condo, or Townhouse takes quite a bit of time, depending on how big the move is, the wrapping and the protection of the furniture and sensitive articles is what takes the most time to get the move done and requires a great deal of labor, besides the actual process of relocation.

As for 1Pro Moving, being a professional full service moving company with almost 20 years of experience, we have seen it all, from small and big houses and offices, condos and apartments and townhouses and trailer homes, we have decided it’s time to introduce a system of moving that makes it easier and more convenient for both The client and The business.

1Pro Moving’s new moving system called “The slip cover system” will not only simplify the move in terms of labor and time involved, but rather more geared towards saving time, money, stress and the environment.

Our new “Slip cover system” is a well-designed, durable system of cover that is made to fit all types of furniture with a strong, durable and flexible material that will help going through restricted accesses, stairs, and tight doors and hallways without any scratches or damage to the furniture or the customer’s property, which will insure and guarantee a clean, safe and quick moving process.

1Pro’s “Slip cover system” is a new innovative idea, to get a small or a big move done quickly and efficiently with less costs and much less risk of damage and insurance claims.

The new system is environmentally friendly, as it is a slip on and slip off system, which will greatly reduce the usage of shrink wrap, tape, cardboard and waste/recyclable materials on a daily basis, You’d be surprised how much this new system of ours will save the environment, as moving companies contribute to a sizeable share of environmental waste.

1Pro Moving and Shipping will strive to always be “The best moving company in B.C” for offering the best customer service, and putting customer satisfaction first in line.

We move minimum 1 bedroom suite and ship minimum 1 pallet